Thursday, December 18, 2014

White Christmas

Just a few more Christmas pretties I have from years past.
I have shown this Angel made out of vintage Hymnal book before. My sisters gave it to me one year for my birthday in November and I have always loved it

My snow angel baby 

Love this large paper star, I bought several one year and had them all on a tree last year
This was my tall tree last year , I had white tea cups, paper stars, snow babies, and old vintage fringe, white ribbons, and white tulle and all white balls and silver balls on the tree.

I bought several of these dolls all dressed in winter white and had them all on this same tree 

I finally got my white tree up for this year and it's just not as pretty as my past green trees so I', buying another green tree for next year and parting my white tree.

ps it's snowing here this morning also, so it is a white Christmas at my house. Did I tell you I love snow
Also OMGosh I mailed a special friend a special made card this morning and dropped in the mail box before I realized I forgot to put postage on it !!!!!!!!! I called the post office and they said it has left the building LOL and they will ask my friend to pay postage !!!!!!!! Sorry friend . have you ever done this ? 

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pink Christmas

I am going to get this all arranged, really I am. Why is it I am so busy doing nothing I can't get my Christmas pretties out?
I have always liked the cardboard churches that came out again a few years ago and I had to buy some,well several really.
Her is one of my favorites


I just love this little pink wreath I picked up at T J Maxx after Christmas once for a couple dollars.

I like my very old picture also of the little girl in the background 

I can't talk long I have an appointment to get my hair cut LOL so will talk more later 

Oh yes I have a blue church also

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Velvet Frame

I have had a good week playing with my boxes of Christmas decorations and trying to decide what to drag out this year. I still don't have my tree up. I have a white flocked tree and I want a green tree this year but just don't want to spend the money for another tree. So I am going to make myself get this white tree out of it's box today! I gave away my 2 large green trees last year because they were just to heavy for me to handle by myself.That's why I'm down to small trees,oh I forgot I have 2 silver trees I could use, no I'll stick to the white tree.

 This last Saturday I went to Boonville Missouri with Gina from  Victorian Wanna Be to tour the DAR house and it was beautiful no doubt about it.Gina is going to do a post about all the Christmas trees in the Daughters of Revolutionary War House on her blog.
While we were shopping the antique malls I seen this old velvet frame of a very old little Granny and just couldn't pass her up,why I don't know ,well one reason there wasn't very many antique things in this mall and she looked so antique victorian to me after being in the old DAR house. So I brought her home to join my other Victorian family of children I have.

This is a long shot of the little children pictures I have a baby young lady and 2 little boys , I have shown them before in past posts

I forgot I had this wedding couple setting there also 

This is my little soft feather tree I have all my antique ornaments on and the old little tiny stockings 

I have all of these setting in my kitchen on my buffet which is an old dresser I painted yellow years ago and still want to paint it blue.(really I want it out of the house and want a different one )

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Arranging Shoes

I have been still dragging Christmas decorations and trying to get the top of my shabby chic white cabinet in my kitchen decorated. I don't have a fire place so I use the top of an old dish safe for my mantle, Sort of make believe LOL
I love doing it but ohmygosh the mess and finding cubby holes to put things in for whats setting there now.I think this is a mature lady thing? LOL I bet you young gals stay up all night decorating after the family has gone to bed, well not me I'm in bed watching TV at 8:30 pm now that the time has changed.

This is my progress so far.I love my  vintage pink beaded shoes from the 1960's so wanted to work them in my silver and pink ideas this year.

I'm still arranging and rearranging . I love these trees I bought years ago with the silver ball ornaments on them I have seen them on other blog posts also this year.

Then I love my pearl tiara so just brought her into the mix laying it over one of the pink shoes

My little lady doll has her pearls on also and she wears them year round 

Also love this pink french wide ribbon I bought once so just set the spool up among all the other items 

This is a long view of the green end of the mantle I'm working on, since I 've taken this picture I moved the sleigh basket to another cabinet top. Like I said I'm working on it 

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Dragging it All Out

Today I am making myself drag out all my boxes of white and gold ornaments and getting my white flocked Christmas tree up .
I really prefer an green tree however last year I gave my 2 green tree away because they were so big and heavy I couldn't handle them by myself and I am tired of asking for help. I use to put up 5 trees around my house for my Christmas parties, well I' down to one party so one tree will do LOL


I have lots to do so this is short and sweet. I always enjoy seeing how others do over the top decorating. and I love the small Christmas trees in old wash tubs


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all. I am in the kitchen cooking and waiting for my family to come over for noon dinner. We always eat early in the day so we can go back several times to  make sure we didn't miss anything.LOL
I have the Macy's Day Parade on also while stirring and watching things in the oven .
A long shot of my table for today

Monday, November 24, 2014

Recycle Santa

 Om My Gosh what a dreary rainy dark weekend I had here in Columbia. I can not get motivated to do anything but shop on rainy days LOL. I did stay home and try to clean house for Thanksgiving but that didn't go very far or long. I ate all weekend and took naps did a little laundry.
Yesterday I was getting some of my clothes out to donate to a needy cause and found this sweat shirt my youngest daughter had in high school. I have kept it all these years BECAUSE it has BUTTONS on it LOL and since I am a button hoarder just couldn't get rid of it.
I had the brilliant idea to make a pillow out of it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now isn't he adorable vintage looking ? This is from 1990? It's 8:00 am here and the sun just peaked out , it's going to be a good productive day here I can tell , now back to my story.
Look at his bearded button beard

I am sure I bought this at a Kings Daughter Holiday show here locally .
here is my pillow and I love it ! even if I have to say so myself, I knew I kept Button Santa all these years for some reason.

Now here is the finished picture of all my little trees with there bows on them.I found some great green tiny garland to put around the tree with multi colored little balls and used pieces of ribbons for all the others.
I think that was my most popular post all my little spool trees , THANKS 

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