Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Girls and guys I am back from New York City and OMGOSH I loved every day of my stay.
I stayed on Long Island with a new family member and I love Terry also she was the best hostess I have ever had.xoxoxo
Can you believe she doesn't read blogs? I told her she is missing out on all our fun of show and tell.
I have so many pictures I don't know which ones to show. I loved the shopping on 5th Ave in Midtown. Went to Macy s , DIor, Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Versace,Prada holding onto my heart as it beats so fast !!!!LOL. My favorite was Louis Vuitton and I bought a new bag it arrived today. I had it mailed home since i new I couldn't handle that box on the plane with my carry on and bag I was carrying.

Times Square


First night I was there we had a dinner party out on the deck and not the deck next to the pool off the TV room neighbors came over to meet me and . I loved the pool(of course) we was so busy running around we only went in 2 nights because it was after dark when we came home from the city,
We took the long Island Railroad in one day and she drove in all the other days

My welcome committee and My special cake she had made for me


      The cake says Welcome to New York Janice !!!!!! wasn't that sweet of Terry to have me a cake made?


The gals who took me to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Roma Terrys cousin, Terry, Lorene her neighbor and Miss Janice 

Terry and me in Little Italy she took me to lunch at Da Gennaro ,it was fabulous 

Me at base of Statue of Liberty
I went to see Newesies a musical about 1920's new paper boys 

She was huge The Statue Of Liberty  I have heard people say oh it wasn't very large .
Me going into the Cake Boss Bakery, This is the afternoon we was going to the theatre.OMGosh and we at at La Rivnge a real French restaurant t was delicious , first time I ever had creme burlee

The best ever Bakery I have ever ate pastry was Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy. I had a Lobster Tail pastry OMG !!!!!! melt in your mouth filled with a very tasty custard and shaped like a lobster tail that is why it's called that , delicious if you ever go to a italian bakery get one of course I had one at another bakery and it didn't even compare to the one in little Italy 

here we are in China town asked a man to take our picture.

I have much better pictures in my iphone and when I down load then on my computer they disappear can't find them ? I have picca for my iphone anybody who can help me ? 

Me in on the TOP of Empire State Building, my daughter said she could not believe I went up 

One last picture of my BIG purchase I have been saving for. Bought me a new Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 bag on 5th ave. I had it mailed home because of large box, it arrived today.
Be Still My Heart xoxoxoox

I seen  and went up in world trade center tower Freedom Tower, United Nations, Trump Tower, Central Park , Went to the Hampton's and Bay Shore, Port Jefferson on Long Island , toured The Vanderbilt summer cottage, a mansion 
lots more but can't remember all now. Like I said I have much better pictures in my cell phone 

Best vacation I have ever had, Thanks to Terry My host. She was born and raised in Brooklyn , moved to Long Island when she was in high school, her cousins live in Queens and Terry can drive and did just about everywhere we went. 
Oh I went to Montclaire New Jersey to visit her sister in law I met in Jamaica last year
I saved for a long time for this trip came home broke needless to say LOL

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chippy Chic

I have had these two shabby chic white chippy plant stands for some time now and still love them as much as the day I bought them at a resale shop. At the time I thought the price was way to much but bought them anyway. $25 each was the price. They are made of a heavy iron.
I have used them for all different storage ways. I set jars of buttons on them and jars of jewelry I was using for repurpose projects. Now I do have a large jade plant on one and an African violet on the other one setting in east windows in the studio.


This is all original chippy paint I haven't done anything to them but move them around as to where I want to use them 

I gave this pink flower pot to someone 

Doesn't she have pretty legs? 

have you been watching the news where the Missouri river is flooding all along it's banks coming from Chicago to St Louis and going on down the river ? 
Well Our Friend Richard Cotrell in Clarksville Missouri is having flood waters up to his front door and all along his side porches! I seen on facebook where a local person put pictures of Richards wonderful Historic House .
One night this week NBC news was in Clarksville showing the people sand bagging and water was knee deep in the streets already .
I am sure Richard had to move all his fabulous historic furniture up to the second floor of his house, if you have ever been in his house ? can you imagine moving all his treasures upstairs? I can't what a huge job 

I am going to be visiting with a friend a few days so  will be on break as we go site seeing and eating and shopping. I'll report back when we are finished and broke from all our shopping LOL

If you know Richard, or don't know him ,send him a card of encouragement or an email, he will get his mail at this address 
Richard Cottrell
Clarksville Mo 63336

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shabby Chic Flowers

I was sitting out on my patio reading most of the day yesterday and admiring my flowers. I was weeding my flower beds and rearranging my Mr & Mrs Yard planters and thought I would show some updated pictures. I know I have had shown  Mr & Mrs planters before however wanted to share again
My neighbor gave me and planted some white hydrangeas for me last fall and they are blooming beautifully.

I love this face planter

My little hydrangea under my glass dome 

 This bloom as as big as a dinner plate

I must get on with my day hope you all have a good weekend. I am taking a friend to lunch and hopefully going by beauty shop to get my eyebrows waxed (TMI)? LOL  and delivering some items a friend bought from me 

Oh is there any button collectors out there going to the Springfield Missouri Button show in August ? 

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July which is really hard to believe that it is here already. I know it's a great family picnic and shoot off fireworks day.
I think I will rest a little today deliver a few things to a gal who bought items at my last sale . Then start deciding  what to take with me on my trip to New York City. I will be staying on Long Island . That trip is coming up . It is so hard to pack enough clothes for different events I think. I know when I fly out to Portland Oregon I take a carry on and make due for 5-6 days. However will be gone a little longer on this next trip and need a couple dressy outfits for different occasions we will be attending. So anyway will take 2 suitcases on this trip
How do you pack for a trip that you need lots different clothing? I need advice girls

Have a good day and be safe and eat a lot of good food it's the fourth and don't burn your fingers on fireworks LOL


These are Avon plates I have that have been out of the boxes 3 times in their life LOL for sale of course $5 each 

Avon has made some pretty and beautiful items . One thing I would like to find is the Elizabeth Taylor jewelry. It sold for big money back then when she was selling with Avon which I was floored when it was announced Elizabeth Taylor and Avon joining together. 
, changing the subject OMGosh I watched Heidi Daus last night on HSN and I wanted that HUGE elephant necklace SO bad !! it was $399.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It sold out !!!! also 
However I wasn't one of the ones ordering it , Have you ever watched her ? Her jewelry is out of this world fabulous 

Anyway have fun today 

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Monday, June 30, 2014

4th July Berry Bucket

Good Morning

I thought I would have a bucket of berries on the table today to take some pictures of . I bought this little berry bucket back in the 1970's it was the first piece of blue & white swirl granitware I bought.
It belonged to the Grandfather of a gal I worked with, it was out in his old smoke house if you know what a smoke house was. Not to go to and smoke cigarettes but to hang your meat to smoke it for winter keeping, you young gals this was back in the day of early 1900's .
Anyway I had just discovered these old granitware items and was crazy about them. I drove all over Missouri looking for items to match.
At one time I had about 60 pieces in my kitchen on display.

My sale went well  last Saturday. There is a lady who called back yesterday about my round iron bed, she is trying to get someone to move it for her. I can't even pick up the foot end it is HEAVY

A lady I know who lives in Italy is here visiting her father that I know and she brought me a jar of 
Crema Di Radicchio Rosso

Hope you have a good day ,A friend of mine is here from Florida and we are having lunch today and talk over old times LOL

Have a good day 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Day

Good Morning on this happy Pink Saturday and the first of my many indoor sales to come as I declutter the old home place LOL


Some of my pretty pink item 

Then I set my yellow ware crock bowls up in the kitchen for sale.My girlfriends will be over starting at 10 am today and through out the day .
I sold my punch bowl I showed in my previous post a gal in town who reads my blog sent me an email she wants it. SOLD it is $20.

This gets over whelming then I figure if it takes a year to clear things out piece by piece I'll be crazy by the end LOL so maybe I better start with low prices where my friends can't resist to buy LOL

I wish all you gals with booths come come over and get my bargains, however this stuff is items I bought and have used in my house I finally got rid of all my flea market items last winter what I didn't sell I donated to a local  place called the Wardrobe her in Columbia Missouri

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paper Dolls

OMGosh look what I found. LOL. I have bought several of these paper doll sets in years pass. I did have other presidents families before and famous people however haven't ran across them yet. I really think I sold them once at a flea market I set up at LOL

I bought them for my own use and as I tire of things I sell them,some reason these hadn't hit the flea market or one of my yard sale yet

If Hillary runs for the presidency in 2016 which I think she will and win's then as our first lady president  these will a hot collectible? maybe 

They even show Hillary's mother Virginia Clinton Kelly and of course Chelsea. These are by Tom Tierney 

Here is another item I use to collect because my Mom got me started because she loved these Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf dishes.I have her complete set and this is a club member item, you had to be a member of the Jewel Tea Club to have privilege to order special pieces made by Hall China company for the Club.
It is dated on bottom 1994. It's a small syrup pitcher 

I have the tea for two tea pot also along with lots of other pieces,most will be out on the table for Saturday sale.
I wish things were good like back in the 1980's and 1990's where you could have an auction and get rid of all of it one day. Also make lots money selling your treasures. Now days what I collected is not valuable or is it?

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